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Test bench for 15-50mm water meter
Test bench for 15-50mm water meter

The test bench is made of stainless steel, polishing surface. Clamping device and discharge water
using hydraulic pressure from stable water resource (pressure vessel) controlled by Two Ways Four
Positions Valve. Flow rate is adjustable by brass ball valve. With advantage of High accuracy,
compact structure, long lifetime, easy operating, simple maintaining.
This system consist of two row test bench with photoelectric sensor (Infrared sensor) and controller,
water tank and water strainer, stable water resource (pressure vessel) and water pump.

(1) Accuracy: class 0.2
(2) Tested caliber: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40 and DN50.
(3) Application: Using for complete test for water meter in production
or inspection workshop.
(4) The instantaneous flow rate indicator is a group (three sets) of
glass rotor flowmeter, practical indicating accuracy is not less than
2.5%, see right picture.

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